Do You Know These Foods Are Better Than VIAGRA

A large number of male population is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction now a days. Reasons may be different like Medical, Physical Or sometimes Psychological also. One must know what exactly happens which leads to Erectile Dysfunction in short which is referred as ED. Basically, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition when someone is unable to attain or maintain a proper erection in his penis (which is essential for a satisfactory penetration) thus leading to the sexual dissatisfaction for both of the partners.

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Most of the people suffering with this situation find it uncomfortable to discuss with their doctors even and try to find out solutions of their own. one of the easiest solution what they get is taking VIAGRA even without having a proper prescription from a doctor or any legal medical practitioner. Because it's easily  and freely available at any nearby chemist shop. This kind of improper medication not only leads to their dependency over the pills but it has serious side effects also associated with it. 

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In most of the cases even it is not at all needed to go for pill for such situations. Reason may be any but, it is always advisable that if it is possible one should opt for some effective and proper natural solutions. In particular for conditions like Erectile Dysfunction there are so many wonder foods available just around you which are not only a great alternate of VIAGRA rather if you make it an essential component of your daily diet You'll never ever need to go to a chemist shop to buy a blue pill.


This red fruit is said to be the best alternative for those blue pills. According to many of the studies it acts most appropriately like VIAGRA. Citrulline is found in  very rich concentration in WATERMELON which has a property to relax and dilate the blood vessels like VIAGRA and other medicines used to treat ED. It is an amino acid which produces arginine and further Nitric Oxide is produced. This gives optimum desired erection without having any undesired side effects.

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Thus Believe It Or Not, WATERMELON is alone enough to offer you a pleasant night and satisfaction to both the partners. Now it is up to your choice or preference whether you want to eat it or to drink its juice.


Remember the famous Popeye The Sailor Show, tiny and thin Popeye getting tremendous power and energy after consuming a single dose of SPINACH. Yes, this is one of the most wonderful natural source of energy and stamina. SPINACH is rich with magnesium which has anti inflammatory property thus it reduces inflammation of blood vessels and helps to achieve a great erection. 

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So, eating spinach helps bringing you in mood by increasing adequate blood flow below the belt. Now just add SPINACH in your daily food to keep you always ready in mood without the risk associated with VIAGRA.


PAPRIKA the red Capsicum is said to be a great aphrodisiac when it is used as a spice. It not just spices up your food but it helps to spice up your energy levels and thus lets you spend a hot, steamy and spicy night together with your partner. Since, it is a known fact that certain types of nerve endings responded to capsaicin (which is found abundantly in PAPRIKA) by allowing calcium ions to flow into the cell. Thus, enhanced blood flow and a sustainable erection has got a natural source too.

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It would be a great add to your daily food. A Spice to Spice Up your Love Life which is risk free too.


Just a few bites of DARK CHOCOLATE do miracles as it increases the level of Dopamine and Serotonin instantly in your brain which in turn makes you feel happy and decreases stress level. So a natural mood booster and a better alternative to VIAGRA is DARK CHOCOLATE undoubtedly. 

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So even if you are tired or stressed and feeling it difficult to getting in mood, try few bites of DARK CHOCOLATES. Perhaps, you won't stop after a single episode. 

Do you think still you may need a blue pill when such better, safer and tasty alternatives are available.

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